Introduction to GDSI

Established in 1991, GDSI is now one of Ireland’s most respected international development consulting companies, with an outstanding record of success in delivering sustainable solutions to economic, social and institutional problems in developing and emerging economies.






Beneficiary organisations




  • GDSI Limited was awarded the contract for Strengthening the Capacities of the Ministry of Justice in line with the Requirements of the EU Accession Negotiation Process.  The project commenced on 15 May 2018 with its main objective being to improve the justice sector in line with EU accession requirements in the area of the judiciary and f...
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  • Our media centre contains a series of reflective pieces that draw on our experience of international development. Here, you will find podcast interviews with leading thinkers in international development and other opinion pieces produced by GDSI staff and associates.
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  • Managing Director

    With Master’s Degree in Economics from UCD and expertise in regional development, tourism, macro-economics, eGovernment, eLearning, etc

  • Director

    With MA in Public Policy from Maxwell School, Syracuse University, NY, Olga’s expertise is in regional/ local development, public administration, organisational development, capacity building, civil society development, etc.

  • Head of FWCs Department

    Anna holds Degrees in Education and Accountancy, and is responsible for the management of GDSI Framework Contracts Department.

  • Regional Director for Southeast Europe

    With a PhD in Politics from the University of York, Georgios is specialising in Public Administration Reform, Rule of Law and Justice Reform, Education Reform and Culture as well as in business development

  • Recruitment officer

    Nazira holds Degree in Education and is responsible for the recruitment of experts for the company’s projects.

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