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Poverty & Social Development

Goal #1 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is the alleviation of poverty. Although extreme poverty continues to fall, more than half the world’s population still live on less than US$5.50 a day (World Bank, 2018). Even while growth in developing economies accelerates, inequality within these societies continues to increase.
GDSI can assist you to design and implement social development projects in areas like healthcare, education, childcare, poverty and social protection. We work in partnership both with government agencies and civil society organisations to build resilience amongst marginalised and vulnerable groups in the world’s poorest regions. Our work supports people affected by crisis and emergency situations by combining short-term aid with structural support aimed at reducing the causes of instability in the future.


As part of a wider programme to mitigate the economic impacts of the economic collapse after the collapse of the former Soviet Union, we helped to set up a network of primary care health centres in remote and rural locations in Kazakhstan on a pilot basis. This programme of primary health care (“family doctors”) eventually became a key part of the Kazakh government’s health reform programme several years later.

Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.