Programme Evaluation


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Programme Evaluation

Incremental improvements in the effectiveness of aid programmes can only occur after careful reflection about the factors that affect the success or failure of development interventions. This requires robust evaluation based on carefully collected data and sound methodologies for its analysis. GDSI’s evaluation work documents the expected and achieved accomplishments of the programme, critically examining the presumed causal chains, processes, and attainment of results, as well as the contextual factors that may enhance or impede the achievement of results.
GDSI has a proven track record in providing high quality strategic evaluations of development programmes. We perform evaluations at thematic, geographic, sectoral and programme levels, across a variety of geo-political, economic, cultural and institutional contexts.


The EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa was established in to address the root causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in Africa. A EUR 4 billion fund, it aims to build economic and social resilience, improve migration management systems and strengthen governance and the rule of law throughout the continent of Africa. Our team of expert evaluators carried out a theory-based evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of the Trust Fund and provided a series of recommendations to the European Commission on how it might be made more impactful in the future.

True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation in the uncertain, hazardous and conflicting information.

The International Growth Centre is a DFID-funded think-tank created by a joint venture of London School of Economics and the University of Oxford. Its aim is to provide world class advice on economic growth policy to the governments of 13 developing countries in Africa and Asia. GDSI carried out a series of evaluations of the work of the IGC, including a final evaluation that aimed to better understand the factors that affect the absorption of the IGC’s policy advice in partner countries.