Empower Your Future: Why Your Vote in the 2024 European Elections Matters

What you need to know:

In the lead-up to the elections, you’ll likely spot the hashtag #UseYourVote circulating on social media, flyers, banners and posters. This slogan, endorsed by the European Parliament, simply encourages people to use their voting rights. It’s a reminder that every vote counts and can make a difference in shaping our future.

The European elections in Ireland are set for June 7th, 2024, and stand as a momentous occasion for the citizens of Ireland to directly influence the future of their country and the European Union. Elected Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) serve as your representatives on the European stage, advocating for your interests and concerns. Their influence spans a broad spectrum of issues, from trade and environmental policies to human rights matters. By casting your vote in these elections, you play a vital role in ensuring that your voice is heard in the decision-making processes of the European Union.

GDSI is supporting the European Parliament Liasion Office (EPLO) in Ireland with several activities to promote and influence the Irish people to Vote in the upcoming elections. Our efforts include campaign promotion with the production of flyers, marquees, banners, and other visual materials aimed at raising awareness at nationwide events and encouraging citizens to exercise their right to vote. Additionally, we will support the EPLO in organising various events across Ireland designed to provide valuable information about the elections and the role of MEPs in shaping European policies. Through these activities, we aim to empower citizens with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and actively participate in shaping the future of Ireland and the European Union. Remember, your vote matters—#UseYourVote and make your voice heard on June 7th, 2024.

Irish Candidacy

As the 2024 European elections draw near, Irish political parties and independent candidates are ramping up their efforts to secure seats in the European Parliament. With a total of 14 seats allocated for Ireland in the European Parliament, the elections shape Ireland’s representation on the European stage and allow the voted MEPs to influence EU policies and represent Ireland’s interests. The candidacy of Irish MEPs often includes prominent figures from various political parties and independent backgrounds. Notable candidates in past elections have included seasoned politicians, community leaders, and activists committed to serving their constituents and advancing Ireland’s interests within the EU.  

With Ireland’s proportional representation system, voter turnout and preferences will shape the composition of Ireland’s MEPs. Every vote counts in determining the distribution of seats and the political landscape of the European Parliament. The outcome of the elections will influence EU-Ireland relations and Ireland’s position within the European Union. Elected MEPs will play pivotal roles in shaping EU policies that impact Irish citizens, businesses, and communities. Following the elections, successful candidates will assume their roles as representatives of Ireland in the European Parliament. They will engage in legislative activities, committee work, and advocacy efforts to advance Ireland’s priorities and contribute to EU decision-making processes. As Ireland prepares to cast its ballots in the 2024 European elections, the democratic process unfolds with vigour and anticipation. Through spirited campaigns and electoral debates, candidates endeavour to earn the trust and support of Irish voters, forging pathways toward a prosperous and influential future within the European Union.

What happens after the elections?

Once the votes are counted, the seats in the European Parliament are allocated to political parties and independent candidates based on the results of the elections in each member state. The number of seats each party or candidate receives depends on their vote share. The newly elected European Parliament convenes and elects its President. The President presides over the parliamentary sessions, represents the Parliament externally, and plays a crucial role in its functioning. MEPs are assigned to various committees within the European Parliament based on their expertise, interests, and party affiliations. These committees are responsible for drafting legislation, scrutinising the work of the European Commission, and conducting inquiries on specific issues. The European Parliament engages in legislative activities, including debating proposed laws, amending legislation, and voting on directives, regulations, and resolutions.

MEPs collaborate with the European Commission and the Council of the European Union to shape EU policies and laws that affect member states and citizens. MEPs also perform oversight functions by monitoring the implementation of EU policies and holding EU institutions accountable for their actions. They represent the interests of EU citizens in debates on various issues, including economic governance, environmental protection, social justice, and international relations. Elected MEPs maintain communication and cooperation with national governments and parliaments to ensure coordination between EU and national policies and to address concerns and priorities at both levels.

Use Your Vote!

The 2024 European elections in Ireland mark a critical point in the nation’s relationship with the European Union. With pressing global challenges such as climate change, economic recovery, and geopolitical shifts, the role of Irish MEPs is of heightened importance. These representatives serve as conduits between Irish citizens and the EU institutions, advocating for policies that address the unique needs and aspirations of the Irish citizens. The outcome of the elections will not only determine Ireland’s representation in the European Parliament but also shape the trajectory of EU policies. By participating in the electoral process, Irish voters reaffirm their stake in shaping a more inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable future for both Ireland and the European Union.

As we approach the 2024 European elections, it is important to remember the significance of each vote and the power it holds to shape the future. Your voice matters, and by using your vote, you have the opportunity to influence the direction of our country and the European Union. Whether you’re passionate about environmental sustainability, social justice, or economic prosperity, your vote is your chance to stand up for what you believe in and make a difference. Make your voice heard on June 7th.