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Governance and Public Finance

Over half the world’s population expresses distrust in government institutions. Citizens, communities and businesses are demanding more efficiency, accountability, and higher quality services from governments. At the same time, geopolitical and environmental concerns are challenging governments to work together in ways that have never been contemplated previously. Worldwide, there are increasing calls for public finances to be managed in a way that is open, accountable, inclusive and efficient.
GDSI provides technical assistance to create the systems for delivering high quality public services in a financially sustainable way. In some cases, this can be achieved through the development of new administrative tools (like e-Government) that allow efficient service delivery and minimise the opportunity for corruption in government. We can also help you design organisational or procedural reforms within the public administration and can draft the legislative bases for these reforms. In the area of public finance management, we can carry out PEFA assessments and help you to introduce systems that incorporate result-oriented budgeting, public procurement, auditing and financial control systems.


GDSI was the first international consulting firm to introduce e-Government services to the Russian Federation. Drawing from the Federal Government’s official list of 48 government services that were to be delivered on line, our multi-disciplinary team of IT experts and organisational designers created 10 new on-line services, ranging from kindergarten enrolment (G2C) to public budgeting systems (G2G). These pilot services provided a template for the development of many further on-line government services in the years that followed.

In a country well governed, poverty is something to be ashamed of. In a country badly governed, wealth is something to be ashamed of.