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  • EU-Albania BIODIV- Key Expert/Non-key Expert roles

EU-Albania BIODIV - Key Expert/Non-key Expert Role

Ares (2024) 3359449

Please send your updated CV to by the 31st May. Ensure your email subject line reads “EU-Albania BIODIV … – [indicate Key Expert/Non-key Expert Role]” based on the position you’re applying for.

All applications must be received by the 31st of May.

The intended start date for the project is January 2025, and the contract’s implementation period will extend over 36 months from this date.

The primary place of operation for this project will be Tirana, Albania.

Travel within Albania may be necessary to fulfill project requirements.

About the Assignment:
Transformative journey to elevate Albania’s EU integration process through strategic environmental innovations. This pivotal project seeks dynamic experts to lead initiatives in circular economy, sustainable growth, and environmental protection. You will be instrumental in shaping policies, enhancing public awareness, and driving Albania towards compliance with EU standards. Your expertise will contribute to national reforms in waste management and biodiversity conservation, paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future. You will spearhead comprehensive awareness campaigns, engage diverse stakeholders, and implement strategic surveys and interventions.

Project Description:

Funded by the European Union, this vital initiative is designed to bolster Albania’s journey toward EU integration through focused environmental reforms. The project aims to elevate Albania’s practices to EU standards, particularly in the areas of waste management, circular economy, and biodiversity protection. By implementing strategic activities, including the establishment of comprehensive waste management systems and enhanced legal frameworks, the project will significantly improve Albania’s environmental policies and practices. The overarching goal is to align Albania’s operational and legislative frameworks with EU regulations, fostering sustainable development and paving the way for EU accession.

Expert Profiles:

  1. Key experts

1.1. Key expert 1: Communication campaign expert (minimum of 300 days)

Qualifications and skills (Minimum requirements)

  • Master Degree in Journalism, Communications, Political Science/International Relations, Law, Marketing or similar. Alternatively, a Bachelor Degree in the same field(s) plus additional 2 years of general professional experience (in addition to the number of years of professional experience required under the minimum requirement for general professional experience).
  • Proficient user in English and Albanian (C1 or C2 of the CEFR).

General professional experience  (Minimum requirements)

  • General professional experience of three (3) years in the sector of communication, or public relations, or issue policy advocacy, or marketing.

Specific professional experience (Minimum requirements)  

  • Two (2) years of professional experience in designing and implementing information or communication campaigns aimed at general public (e.g. communication, public awareness campaigns, issue/policy advocacy).
  • Experience with public campaigns with environment an asset;
  • Experience with communication work in Albania is an asset.

1.2 Key expert 2: Environment expert (minimum 120 days)

Qualifications and skills (Minimum requirements)

  • Minimum Bachelor’s degree in environmental studies or another topic relevant to the assignment, or at least 3 years of relevant professional experience additional to the general professional experience required below.
  • Proficient user in English (C1 or C2 of the CEFR).

General professional experience (Minimum requirements)

  • General professional experience of three (3) years in one of the sectors: waste management, recycling and other aspects of circular economy, green growth, and nature and/or biodiversity protection;

Specific professional experience (Minimum requirements)

  • One (1) year of professional experience in designing and/or managing communication projects/contracts/assignments aimed at general public (e.g. communication, public awareness campaigns, issue/policy advocacy) over the last six years;
  • Experience with public campaigns on the topic of environment;
  1. Non-Key Expert

Both profiles require excellent communication skills and a proactive approach to promote awareness and drive behavioral change across various sectors in Albania, supporting the nation’s alignment with EU environmental policies

2.1.Senior Non-Key Experts (SNKE) should possess deep expertise in environmental policy, circular economy, waste management, and biodiversity protection. They should have substantial experience in project management, policy analysis, and the design and execution of awareness campaigns. Senior experts are expected to guide strategic engagements, facilitate high-level policy dialogues, and ensure alignment with EU environmental standards.

2.2. Junior Non-Key Experts (JNKE) are expected to support the project’s activities by assisting in data collection, analysis, and the implementation of awareness campaigns. They should have knowledge in environmental sciences, project coordination, and community outreach, with the ability to engage effectively with various stakeholders and contribute to the project’s research and field activities.

Seize the opportunity to play a pivotal role in Albania’s environmental revolution. This project offers you a platform to apply your expertise in a dynamic and collaborative environment. Based in the bustling city of Tirana, with potential activities extending throughout the nation, you will drive crucial initiatives in circular economy, waste management, and biodiversity protection. Join us and contribute to crafting a sustainable and prosperous future for Albania. Apply now and make a lasting impact in shaping Albania’s compliance with EU environmental standards.