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Economic Planning and Management

Effective economic planning at national or regional level must be increasingly mindful of evolving global value chains and the changing components of competitive advantage. GDSI can help you prepare national, regional or sectoral development programmes based on sound analysis of local competitive advantage and deep understanding of emerging global opportunity. At a micro level, we can help you to design cutting-edge industrial zones, special zones and other once-off infrastructural developments that will provide an economic return for decades to come.


GDSI produced Croatia’s first ever Strategic Coherence Framework (National Development Plan) as part of its preparations for EU accession. This first key strategic planning document provided a template for subsequent plans that were to follow after accession.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Our teams of development programmers have prepared dozens of Sectoral Operational Programmes worth hundreds of millions of euro in fields like transport, environment, human resources and rural development. We have produced Regional Operational Programmes in candidate countries such as Turkey, Czech Republic, Croatia and Bulgaria. Using this experience, we have also introduced the Operational Programming concept to several countries outside of the EU enlargement area: helping Kazakh, Azeri and Russian authorities to introduce similar planning models there.