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  • Pool of Experts – EU4Gender Project

Pool of Experts - EU4Gender

Please email your updated CV to and make sure to use “EU4Gender” as your email subject.

GDSI Limited participates in a number of tenders related to Gender Equality.

We’re in a process of assembling a pool of multidisciplinary experts EU Neighbouring countries who are passionate about weaving gender equality and citizen engagement into the fabric of major reforms, policymaking, and legislation. 

Our dream team includes:

  • Gender Equality Experts: Navigate the complexities of gender issues and lead the charge in embedding gender-sensitive practices.
  • Legal Experts and Human Rights Lawyers: Craft and refine legal frameworks that uphold gender equality and human rights.
  • Public Policy and Administration Specialists: Design groundbreaking policies that incorporate gender and citizen perspectives at their core.
  • Social Scientists: Delve into societal dynamics to unlock insights on gender and culture.
  • Development Cooperation and International Relations Experts: Foster international collaborations that prioritize gender equality and governance.
  • Civil Society and Community Engagement Specialists: Bridge the gap between civil society and government, amplifying diverse voices in the reform process.
  • Capacity Building and Training Facilitators: Empower stakeholders with cutting-edge training on gender mainstreaming and advocacy.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Experts: Measure success through gender-sensitive lenses, ensuring our initiatives make a real difference.

If you are interested in being part of a mission to reshape societies for the better, making gender equality a reality in every policy and law, please email your updated CV to and make sure to use “EU4Gender” as your email subject. 

This is your chance to contribute to an impactful project dedicated to promoting gender equality and citizen engagement across the Eastern Partnership countries.