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Education, Vocational Training and e-Learning

Sustainable Development Goal #4 considers inclusive access to quality education as the basis for improving our lives as individuals and for promoting wider socio-economic development. Education systems need to be accessible, robust, inclusive, and capable of continually upgrading the skills of the workforce so that it has the knowledge and competences to adapt to evolving labour market conditions.
With close links to the National University of Ireland Galway, GDSI brings almost 30 years’ experience in education sector reform and development. We can provide you with technical assistance on education policy design across all levels of education, from pre-school to university level. We can build the capacity of vocational training institutions to respond to the evolving needs of the labour market and offer opportunities for lifelong learning. We have particular expertise in e-Learning models and in the application of other new technologies in education.


As part of a wider programme of support to the tourism sector in Crimea, teams of hotel management specialists worked with e-Learning experts to create Crimea’s first ever on-line training programme for hotel managers and staff. More than 2000 staff were trained on the programme, which was later included in the region’s official VET training offering.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

Together with the staff of the National University of Ireland, GDSI has helped to design several entirely new business schools in Russia, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. This work included the design of the physical premises, the recruitment and training of staff, the development of curricula and the launching of research programmes in a range of business disciplines.