The Role of Schools in the 21st Century – Expert Insight into the World of Education Before and After Covid19

George Chanturia, Director of Education Coalition (EFA), Georgia hosts a webinar examining the challenges facing global education institutions in the post-Covid19 era. George is an MA in Organisational Development and Consultancy as well as in Cultural Studies. He studied his BA in Sweden and the US where he studied Human Rights and Political Sciences. In 2016 he joined the Education Coalition (EFA) and is currently heading the organisation as its Director. He is also a teacher of civic education. As part of his Fellowship George worked on the issue of bullying in Georgian schools, specifically, school headmasters’ opinions regarding this topic. Currently, along with his colleagues, George is working on the History of General Education Policy in Georgia 1990 – 2020.


  • Simon Janashia, PHD in Education Expert on the Education Policy Analysis, Curriculum Development Teacher Professional Development and Education Development.
  • Elnara Mammadova, MS in Inclusive Teaching and Curriculum Design Freelance expert on Inclusive Instructional Designer Founder, Elnaramedia – Media Network for Youth with Disability.


  • Purpose and role of schools -What makes a good school?
  • Changes in academic policy – Where do we go from here?
  • Schools post Covid-19 – What is the role of CSOs?