Reassess & Reboot – Civil Society’s Quest for Better Reforms in the Eastern Partnership

The Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility will conclude it’s project with one final Conference in celebration of Civil Society. For the past four years, the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility has supported civil society organisations and activists in six countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine) to engage in projects and reforms to benefit their fellow citizens and enhance the impact of civil society’s activities.

The EU-funded project brought together thousands of beneficiaries and stakeholders across a wide range of activities. It was one of the first EU projects in the region to organise annual hackathons, connecting civic tech communities in these countries, and supporting the development of several digital tools for citizens. It produced tailor-made online courses and webinars on complex and sensitive issues such as the potential role of civil society in the energy sector. In promoting the good work of civil society actors, the project highlighted the fast response and capacity of organisations and people to adapt in a crisis situation such as the current pandemic. It identified and supported the work and professional development of ambitious, high-potential, forward-thinking civil society activists through its now popular Fellowship programme.

After more than four years of intense activity, the project is now coming to an end and we invite civil society organisations and activists from the region to join us online for our Final Conference “Reassess & Reboot – Civil Society’s Quest for Better Reforms in the Eastern Partnership”.

WHEN: Monday 22 March at 11.30 – 15.45 (GMT +1)
If you wish to attend the Conference, please complete this short registration form.

The final conference will celebrate civil society , its achievements in the countries, and also critically explore current and future trends affecting civil society and the region. Three panels will be on offer to attendees:

  • Panel One: New Leaders in Turbulent Times
  • Panel Two: Ethical Limits of Civil Society Practices in Using New Technologies
  • Panel Three: Dark Side of Civic Tech