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  • EU4Justice-Key Expert/Non-key Expert Role

EU4Justice- Key Expert/Non-key Expert Role

Ares (2024) 3501109

Please send your updated CV in EU format  to by the 01 Jun 2024. Ensure your email subject line reads “EU4Justice-  … – [indicate Key Expert/Non-key Expert Role]” based on the position you’re applying for.

All applications must be received by the 1st Jun 2024

The intended start date for the project is 1 October 2024, and the contract’s implementation period will extend over 36 months from this date.

The primary place of operation for this project will be Belgrade, Serbia. Travel within Serbia may be necessary to fulfill project requirements.

About the Assignment:
This project requires multifaceted expertise to provide comprehensive technical support and capacity building aimed at enhancing the Serbian government’s ability to align its judicial system with EU standards. The project will support the development and implementation of judicial reforms, focusing on enhancing judicial independence, judicial cooperation, and administrative capacities of judicial institutions.

Project Description:

Funded by the European Union, this initiative aims to bolster the Serbian  judicial system’s alignment with EU standards through comprehensive support and reforms. The project will focus on enhancing judicial independence, increasing efficiency in judicial cooperation, and building administrative capacities within judicial institutions. The project targets significant improvements in the legal framework, operational capabilities of judiciary bodies, and the overall public trust in the justice system. Deliverables include the development of strategic frameworks for justice reform, training programs for legal professionals, and the implementation of new judicial protocols to streamline processes.

Expert Profiles:

  1. Key expert

1.1. Key expert 1: Team Leader

The Team Leader’s role will not only encompass high-level coordination of these efforts but will also involve direct involvement in the strategic development, implementation, and evaluation of initiatives within these three key outcomes: Strengthening Judicial Independence, Enhancing Judicial Cooperation and Building Administrative Capacities. Their leadership will ensure that the project adheres to its timelines, budget, and standards of excellence, ultimately leading to a more robust and EU-aligned judicial system.

Minimum Qualifications and skills:

  • Master Degree in Law, or equivalent relevant degree from a related field.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English.
  • Knowledge of Serbian is asset

Minimum General professional experience:

  • Minimum 8 years of professional experience following the achievement of the above qualification. A minimum of six years (72 months full-time equivalent) should be from working directly in the justice sector, within a Ministry of Justice or in independent public justice institutions, such as courts or prosecutors. These institutions could also have been the direct beneficiaries of the work delivered by the expert.

Minimum Specific professional experience:

This experience should demonstrate familiarity with the operational, administrative, and reformative processes within the context of EU standards and regulations.

  • A minimum of 12 months of full-time work in public justice institutions or involvement in justice sector reforms within at least two current EU member states.


A minimum of 12 months of full-time work in a public justice institution or involvement in the justice sector of one EU member state, coupled with at least another 12 months of full-time experience working in a public justice administration in one of the following beneficiary countries receiving EU pre-accession assistance (IPA): Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Turkey.

  • Experience of at least 12 months (full-time equivalent :220 working days) working with enlargement policy since 2010;
  • Experience of at least 12 months (full-time equivalent :220 working days)in leading projects/teams in the public or private sector.;
  1. Non-Key experts :
  1. Field of activity.
  • Strategic planning, budgeting, and monitoring;
  • Monitoring and reporting on justice sector reforms;
  • Legal drafting and transposition of EU Acquis;
  • EU integration and negotiation processes related to Chapter 23;
  • Design, implementation and reporting on communication and visibility campaigns;
  • Cooperation and dialogue with civil society, preferably in the rule of law area; and,
  • Adult learning (andragogy and heutagogy) in the justice and rule of law areas
  1. Educational Background: Experts are required to hold at least a university degree in a field relevant to the project.
  2. Language Proficiency: All experts must be fluent in English, with the ability to effectively communicate both in writing and speaking.
  3. Professional Experience:
    • General Experience: A minimum of four years of relevant professional experience.
    • Specific Experience: At least 12 months of direct experience in the proposed field of activity. This includes tasks such as preparing legal and strategic documents related to justice reforms, drafting legal acts, conducting legal analyses, and preparing structural reforms.

Join us to support the Government of Serbia in its EU integration process. These positions are not just jobs—they are opportunities to play a key role in vital national reforms. You’ll work in a supportive and collaborative environment in Belgrade, where your expertise will help align Serbia’s judicial policies and systems with EU standards. Be part of a team that is at the forefront of Serbia’s journey towards EU membership, fostering a more transparent, efficient, and well-governed judicial future. Submit your application today and help drive the transformative changes in Serbia!