Webinar “Voices of resilience: survival and development in Ukraine today”

Dates: June 9th and 10th, 2022
Time:  4 pm CET (5 pm Kyiv time)
Duration: 75 minutes
Languages: English and Ukrainian

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As Russia’s campaign of aggression in Ukraine enters its fourth month, Ukraine’s social and economic fabric has been left in shreds. Recovery will be painful and long-term and will depend on the effective mobilisation of international support systems. In this webinar, we will listen to the voices of Ukrainian practitioners and decision-makers who are living through the nightmare and who are willing to share their insights on how the international community can most effectively support business and civil society in the short- and medium-term.

📢 Day 1 will focus on the impacts of the war on business and economic affairs and the challenges for economic reconstruction. It will feature speakers with administrative responsibility for business development in the country as well as representatives of the business community in Ukraine.

📢 Day 2 will consider the role of civil society, media and the diaspora during wartime and after the end of the conflict. It will feature speakers from media, the NGO community and the Ukrainian World Congress.


  • Day 1: Serhiy Loboyko, Head of Center for Innovations Development (CID), Kyiv
  • Day 2: Filip Noubel, Director of Communications at GDSI Limited

Day 1: panel on business, economy and reconstruction in Ukraine: best practice, needs assessment and collaboration.

  • Andriy Remizov, Acting Director of the Entrepreneurship and Export Promotion Office, Kyiv
  • Dmytro Ivanov, Deputy Head of the Chernihiv Regional State/Military, Administration, Chernihiv
  • Olena Vlasova, Co-founder of the Professional Government Association (PGA), Member of the Working Group on Business Reconstruction of the National Council for Reconstruction of Ukraine, Kyiv
  • Anna Sklyarenko, IT entrepreneur/volunteer, Kyiv region

Day 2: panel on civil society, media and the diaspora: solutions at time of war, immediate needs and vision for the future. 

  • Mikola Kniazhitsky, Founder of Espreso TV and media manager
  • Olga Lymar, Executive Director at Reanimation Package of Reforms Coalition, Kyiv
  • Sonya Soutus, Ukrainian World Congress, Executive Director
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