New project awarded to GDSI: Enhancing Hospital decanting practices across the EU

We are delighted to announce that GDSI has been awarded a new project under the framework agreement with the European Investment Bank (EIB) titled “JASPERS – Hospitals Decanting – Sharing Lessons Learned from Experience.” This project is a part of EIB’s LOT 4: Smart Growth, Social Infrastructure, EUROPE2020, and SMEs access to Finance initiative.

Primary objective is to support the JASPERS Small Business and Innovation Advisory Division by providing crucial advice to hospitals transitioning to new infrastructure. The project focuses on developing a comprehensive manual that encapsulates best practices for hospital decanting, ensuring a smooth transition of staff, equipment, and operations to new premises.

Key Activities:

  • Manual Development: Creating a user-friendly manual that guides hospital management and staff through the complex transition process, integrating new building layouts, equipment, and healthcare workflows.
  • Training and Simulation: Organizing extensive training sessions and emergency simulations to prepare staff for effective workflow management in new environments.
  • Quality Management: Implementing structured quality management systems to ensure seamless preparation and minimize risks associated with hospital moves.

This project is crucial for ensuring that hospitals undergoing significant changes maintain operational efficiency and safety. The manual will serve as a vital resource for hospital management teams, providing clear, practical solutions and minimizing the risks of unforeseen complications.

We look forward to collaborating with our partners and stakeholders to deliver impactful results and enhance healthcare infrastructure across the EU.