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01 - Technical Assistance for Increasing Attendance and Enrolment Rates in Secondary Education


February 5th, 2021.

Please send your CV to

October 2021.

2 years and 6 months. 

Required experts

Key Expert 1. Team Leader Requirements:

Key Expert 2. Capacity Building Expert Requirements:

Key Expert 3. Education Specialist Requirements:

02 - Pool of Project Experts in the area of Justice


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Required experts

1. Civil Procedure Expert (Indicative Profile requirements):
2. Public notary Legal Framework Expert (Indicative Profile Requirements):
 3. Expert on legislation related to court experts, interpreters and translators (Indicative Profile Requirements):
 4. Civil Procedure Expert (Indicative Profile Requirements):
 5. Expert on E-Justice aspects of public notaries’ system (Indicative Profile Requirements):
 6. Legal Expert on access to justice and transparency of court procedure (Indicative Profile Requirements):
 7. Expert on e-Justice tools and instruments: (Indicative Profile Requirements):