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TPSDE Facility II

The project TPSDE Facility II will support the cooperation with partner countries covered by the Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI) and, in particular, private sector development and trade related actions, including associated skills development, under the Human Development component of the Global Public Goods and Challenges (GPGC), in order to contribute to SDG 8 ‘Decent work and economic growth’.



Please send your CV to

July 2021.

Key experts:

Key experts have a crucial role in implementing the contract.

These terms of reference contain the required key experts’ profiles. The tenderer shall submit CVs and statements of exclusivity and availability for the following key experts:

Key expert 1: Team leader. Minimum days of work: 660 person/days

S/he will be the main counterpart of INTPA.E2 for the management of the contract and will be responsible for ensuring high quality of the deliverables of the project. This expert will provide the strategic vision of the assignment and will supervise and coordinate the inputs of the other key expert and non-key experts (advising on their identification and mobilisation to be approved by the project manager). S/he will advise on the identification and implementation of activities. This will include, among others:

Key Experts 2 and 3. Minimum days of work: 660 person/days per expert

Both key experts 2 and 3 must have the following profile:

Key Expert 4: Communication and knowledge management officer. Minimum days of work: 440 person/days

Assistance technique à la mise en oeuvre du programme d'appui au développement territorial – volet Régionalisation avancée

2020/S 219-536635 – NEAR/RBA/2020/EA-RP/0049

Envoyez vos CV aux adresses suivantes: et

Lundi 19 juillet 2021.

506 jours 

Expert principal 1: Expert/e senior en développement territorial/décentralisation expert(e) niveau central et chef d'équipe:

Qualifications et compétences:

Expérience professionnelle générale:

Principales missions de l’expert(e) 1 dans le cadre de la mise en oeuvre des activités de l’AT pour l’atteinte des résultats escomptés:

Expert(e)s principal(e)s 2 et 3 : Expert(e)s en développement territorial/régionalisation /expert(e) niveau régional

Qualifications et compétences:

Expérience professionnelle générale:

Expérience professionnelle spécifique:

Principales missions des expert(e)s 2 et 3:

Technical Assistance Unit — Support to Criminal Justice Reform in Ethiopia


Ethiopia (Addis Ababa)

Apply via Sofreco:

September 2021.

Cat 1: Full-time, approx. 1,300 days for 60 months

Required experts

Team Leader / Senior Criminal Justice Reform Expert:

Pool of Project Experts in the area of Justice


Please send your CV to

Required experts

1. Civil Procedure Expert (Indicative Profile requirements):
2. Public notary Legal Framework Expert (Indicative Profile Requirements):
 3. Expert on legislation related to court experts, interpreters and translators (Indicative Profile Requirements):
 4. Civil Procedure Expert (Indicative Profile Requirements):
 5. Expert on E-Justice aspects of public notaries’ system (Indicative Profile Requirements):
 6. Legal Expert on access to justice and transparency of court procedure (Indicative Profile Requirements):
 7. Expert on e-Justice tools and instruments: (Indicative Profile Requirements):