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  • Layout and Graphic Design Specialist

Layout and Graphic Design Specialist


Provision of layout and graphic design services


Tuesday, 10 January 2023.

Interested candidates should send their CV 
to and indicate their  availability.

July 2023.

GDSI works on the preparation of EU-funded Provision of layout and graphic design services. We are looking for professionals with outstanding graphic design skills and at least 7 years of professional experience in layout and graphic design. Good knowledge of English is a must.

At least 7 years of professional experience in at least one of the following fields is required:

  1. Provision of graphic design services:
    • grid and layout including templates, type styles, visual styles and colour schemas.
    • Creating clear and professional charts, tables, maps and similar data visualisation items.
    • Design of promotional materials (branded gifts, gadgets and similar), wearables (branded t-shirts, scarves, ties and similar), memorabilia (plaques, medals, badges, coins, patches and similar), stationary (business cards, stamps, letterhead, envelopes and similar).
  1. Provision of illustration services with proven experience in:
    • creating key visuals for campaigns, events, projects, initiatives.
    • creating display items (posters, banners, rollups, press walls, stands, flags, totems, and similar).
    • innovative use and treatment of photos, images, illustrations.
    • wireframing, layouting and illustrating content and data into high quality infographics.
  1. Proficiency in the use of software packages for graphic design and brand management purposes, with proven experience in:
    • Adobe Creative suite (in particular Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop).
    • MS Office 365 (with an emphasis on MS Word and MS Powerpoint).
    • Development of corporate templates for MS Word, MS Visio, MS Powerpoint, MS Publisher.
    • Experience in interactive publishing and HTML5-based products (advantageous).
  1. Proficiency and originality in the development and creative application of brand identity with proven experience in:
    • concept, design and implementation of new visual identities.
    • flexible and creative application of corporate visual identities.
  1. Proficiency in the versioning services for already existing products, with proven experience in:
    • language versioning
    • multi-platform versioning
    • digital-to-print versioning.
  1. Proficiency in design-related project management, with proven experience in:
    • managing and delivering parallel projects under time pressure.
    • assessment of workloads and resources at briefing stage to secure accurate financial order forms
    • schedule planning and tracking of project performance
    • providing effective project communication (milestone meetings and meeting minutes).
  1. Proficiency in design-related quality control with proven experience in:
    • art direction
    • corporate visual identity compliance
    • quality assurance: monitoring and checks
    • providing constant artistic and technical support and advice.