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  • Contract Manager

Contract Manager


Provision of layout and graphic design services


Tuesday, 10 January 2023.

Interested candidates should send their CV 
to and indicate their  availability.

July 2023.

GDSI works on the preparation of EU-funded Provision of layout and graphic design services.

We are looking for a Contract Manager with experience managing a creative team and management of client relations.


  1. Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills,
  2. At least five years of professional experience in publishing, advertising, graphic design or related fields.
  3. Minimum a C1 English level.
  4. Proficiency in design-related project management, with proven experience in:
    • managing and delivering parallel projects under time pressure.
    • assessment of workloads and resources at briefing stage to secure accurate financial order forms
    • schedule planning and tracking of project performance
    • providing effective project communication (milestone meetings and meeting minutes).
  5. Proficiency in design-related quality control with proven experience in:
    • art direction
    • corporate visual identity complian