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Project Title: Diversification and Increase of Exports Support Project Formulation Study, Bolivia
Location: BOLIVIA
Value: €54,000
Client: ALA

The project provided the decision-makers in the Government of Bolivia and the European Commission with sufficient information in order to achieve several goals. They were as follows:

  1. Assess continued relevance of the Identification Fiche for the proposed development of a new exporting pattern based on the promotion of the exportable offer of the country and to generate potential business for export oriented producers, in particular SMEs (The Project); this involves in particular though not exclusively a revision of the problem analysis, the stakeholder analysis and the proposed strategy.

  2. Prepare a Financing Agreement on which to base the financing and implementation of the proposed project;

  3. Prepare complete documentation to allow a sound implementation of the project based on good practices.

Project Title:

Feasibility study and formulation of a project to improve compliance with standards and technical requirements of the EU, Central America and other international markets to facilitate market access for industrial products in Costa Rica

Location: COSTA RICA
Value: €84,000
Client: DCI-ALA

The main objective of the mission was to develop a feasibility study for a project in the area of Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) as the intervention logic and presented according to the practices and procedures of the European Commission. This feasibility study also included the formulation of an intervention project, the analysis of quality factors such as relevance, relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability of the project.

Project Title: Support to Trade and Industrial Development in Bolivia
Location: BOLIVIA
Value: €40,000
Client: EC

The global objective of this assignment was to increase economic cooperation between the European Union and Bolivia by improving the flow of foreign trade and the investments between the Bolivian and European countries. The project aimed to provide sustainable mechanisms that favour economic development through maintained growth and development of the private sector in Bolivia.

Project Title:

Technical Assistance to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Haiti to Provide Support to Entrepreneurs

Location: HAITI
Value: €199,999
Client: EC

The total objective of this programme was to encourage and to promote the decentralisation process of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Haiti. The specific objective of the project was to promote the establishment of national departments throughout Haiti and to strengthen their capacity to provide support to entrepreneurs throughout the country. These departments acted as focal points for investors in the private sector.

Project Title: Final Evaluation and Audit of the Eco Tourism Development Programme in Dominica
Value: €43,000
Client: Government of Dominica
Description: The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the Government’s national policy of diversification of the economy by focusing on sustainable eco-tourism as a source of income, jobs and other socio- economic benefits for the country. The propose of the proposed Eco-Tourism Development Programme is to strengthen the capacity of the key public and private sector institutions to sustainably utilise and manage the natural and cultural heritage resources of the tourism sector; strengthen the human resource development capacity to effect an improvement of managerial, and professionalism in the sector; strengthen the capacity of the private sector and the public sector to undertake effective destination marketing and encourage private sector development.

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