We are pleased to announce that a Consortium led by GDSI has been awarded a prestigious four-year Framework Agreement to Support European Investment Bank (EIB) Advisory Services (EIBAS) activities within and outside the EU-27. This accomplishment strengthens the GDSI’s position and our partners as critical players in driving smart growth, social infrastructure, Horizon Europe initiatives, and facilitating SMEs’ access to finance.

More specifically, the Consortium led by GDSI will provide exceptional services to support the preparation of projects/programs and horizontal activities under LOT 4: Smart Growth, Social Infrastructure, Horizon Europe, and SMEs Access to Finance.

Services will support the preparation of projects/programmes and horizontal activities in areas relevant to smart development and Horizon Europe, including but not limited to the following sub-sectors: research, development (R&D) and innovation, information and communication technologies (ICT), health, education, and training.

Aside from this exciting milestone, the consortium led by GDSI is pleased to offer already several expert opportunities.

For more details, check out our Vacancy section of the website.