Required experts:

ZEST aims to support improved economic governance and the business environment in Zimbabwe, by assisting key participants in both advocating for reforms and implementing reforms or improving the ability to implement reforms. Key participants may include:

•            Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s), Business Membership Organisations (BMO’s) and the business media (demand-side);

•            Research institutions and think-tanks (information/service providers to the demand and supply sides)

•            Government Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDA’s) (supply-side)

The project will take place for a period of 4 years from September 2019 to September 2023. The following experts are required (percentages are estimates of inputs required over the lifetime of the project):

Partnership Development Lead (100%)

The expert will work in supporting the private sector and civil society to improve the context for policy making. This includes improving the capacity of civil society and business groups that act in the economic space to make a positive contribution to the wider economic governance dialogue, helping to build resilience in the private sector. Indicative examples of advocacy outputs are: support to business associations and inclusive platforms for public-private dialogue; arranging investment conferences and trade missions; policy dialogue events on job creation and labour regulations; business engagement on local content policies or business engagement on SME formalisation Strategy. 

 Research Lead (100%)

Analytical research to improve public knowledge: conducting research on economic governance to improve public knowledge and transparency, providing expertise and ensuring wide dissemination to create impetus for positive action. Indicative examples of potential analytical outputs could be: Analysis on mineral taxation regimes & transparency; Analysis on financial sector deepening and inclusion or Feasibility and bankability analysis of future infrastructure investments.

 TA supply/demand (100%)

Technical Assistance: The provision of technical assistance and wider capacity building activities to support improved capacity in reform-minded organisations (both government and non-governmental. Indicative examples of technical assistance outputs could be: Support for tax policy review and administration reforms; Advice on public financial management reforms, fiscal transparency and debt management capacity; Advice on international experience with Special Economic Zones; Support to build capacity of the new Zimbabwe Investment Development Agency or Policy advice on rural development and inclusive agricultural models. 

 Agile associate (100%)

This expert will provide back-stopping support to the previous three technical components.

 Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning experts (one national and one international, 100%)

Activities include the development of a search frame to monitor, measure and evaluate ZEST; definition of specific actions to progress from one focal point to another (defined incrementally as the programme progresses), with timeframes; and through the development of a clear, structured and detailed monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) strategy at the start, which includes the process by which learning will be undertaken at each iteration and then incorporated into the next, to ensure value is still generated from activities which do not succeed. Development of quarterly reports, which will include will updates on each separate work stream, including assessments of progress and iterations against the search frame, as well as an assessment of the risks and challenges faced by the programme.

 Gender equality and social inclusion expert (30%)

 Communication expert (national, 100%; international, 25%)

Activities include the development of a communications strategy for programme activities (acknowledging political sensitivities tailored to specific workstreams), including proposals for how UK funding will be acknowledged and publicised where possible.

 Political economy analyst (national, 50%; international, 30%)

The experts will be responsible for fully integrating Political Economy Analysis and Conflict Analysis into activities, ensuring these are used as live tools to inform the programme.

 Experts are also required for short term technical assistance in the following areas:

•            Special economic zones

•            Debt management and macroeconomic analysis

•            Trade

•            Support for tax policy review and administration reforms

•            PFM

•            Rural development

CV submission deadline:
Project start:
Project duration:
4 years
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