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Required experts:
GDSI is implementing an EU funded project in Serbia on Strengthening the Capacities of the Ministry of Justice in line with the Requirements of the EU Accession Negotiation Process. We are developing a pool of non-key experts for short term assignments in the following fields:  
·        Judicial reform;
·        Procedural safeguards;
·        Fundamental human rights;
·        Minority rights;
·        Access to justice;
·        Judicial efficiency;
·        Judicial professions;
·        Legal analyses;
·        Acquis transposition in the area of the Rule of Law;
·        Methodology development;
·        Strategic planning;
·        Strategic insight of large ICT projects;
·        Donor coordination in the field of judicial report;
·        Organisational analysis of the Ministry of Justice;
·        Capacity building development;
·        Institution building development;
·        Training Needs Assessment development;
·        Training programme development;
·        On the job training and coaching in the area of the Rule of Law;
·        Budgeting/ cost assessment;
·        External communication, visibility and public relations.


CV submission deadline:
Project start:
Project duration:
individual assignments
Georgios Chatzigiagkou at
Required experts:

Call for Applications to Conduct Mapping Studies of Trade Unions and Professional Associations as Civil Society Actors Working on the Issues of Labour Rights and Social Dialogue in six EaP Countries

The objective of this assignment is to conduct mapping studies of the current situation relating to trade unions and professional associations, as membership based civil society actors in the EaP region with a key role in the transition to new economic labour relations and inclusive growth. The purpose of these studies is to assess the potential and need for provision of EU support to this group of civil society and provide recommendations. The aim of such research should be benchmarked against standards for such organisations found in European countries, ideally new Member States.

The purpose of the research is to answer the question ‘Which organisations among trade unions and professional associations in the EaP countries can the EU collaborate with, in particular on their initiatives related to labour rights and social dialogue?’. The study should take into account  and assess recent developments in the private sector, looking at any associative potential in the private sphere.

Expressing Interest:

Interested organisations and individuals are invited to apply to express their interest by writing to: with the following information:

Technical Proposal:

  1. RATIONALE: Any comments you have on the description of the assignment for the successful execution of activities, in particular regarding the objective and purpose, thus demonstrating the degree of understanding of the assignment. An explanation of the risks and assumptions affecting the execution of the assignment.
  2. STRATEGY: An outline of the approach proposed for the assignment implementation. A list of the proposed tasks considered necessary to achieve the objectives, their sequence, duration, proposed inputs, and outputs to be produced.
  3. EXPERT(S): Profile(s) and CV of expert(s) proposed for the implementation of the assignment. Justification for engagement of proposed expert(s).
  4. TIMETABLE OF WORK: The timing, sequence and duration of the proposed tasks, taking into account travel time. The identification and timing of major milestones in executing the assignment. The expected number of working days required.
  5. BACKSTOPPING: A short description of the support facilities (back-stopping) that the contractor will provide to the team of experts during the execution of the assignment.
  6. PRESENTATION of organisation’s or individual’s experience on similar assignments.
  7. PROOF of previous similar work.

Financial Proposal:

  1. ITEMISED BUDGET requested for this assignment.

No subcontracting is allowed in the implementation of this assignment.

Successful applicants will be invited for contract negotiation.

Interested organisations can request clarifications on this assignment by writing to the above address up to 21st  January, 2019 before 12:00 CET.

The deadline for submitting the applications is 31st January, 2019 at 12:00 CET by e-mail to



CV submission deadline:
Project start:
Project duration:
7 months
EaP CSF Project director at
Required experts:

GDSI is implementing Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility – Regional Actions Project with the aim to strengthen and promote civil society\\\'s role in reforms and democratic changes taking place in the Eastern Neighbourhood countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine). The project has identified a need to facilitate the development of CSOs’ capacity to develop stories about their activities and broadcast them. We therefore are looking for an expert to lead the process of the online course development on \\\"Storytelling for Civil Society Organisations\\\", including:  

  • Reviewing and proposing improvements to the methodological / pedagogical approach proposed by the course developers.
  • Development of the baseline assessment of participants\\\' knowledge.
  • Carrying out the first quality check of content produced by the course developers, in line with the ToR for the course, the briefing of the Team Leader.
  • Producing additional content for the course or better adapting existing content to the needs of civil society in the region.
  • Providing support with the examples to be included in the course: checking quality and relevance, contacting organisations for permission, adapting examples, etc.
  • Collecting resources for the resource library of the course (in Russian and English).
  • If requested, producing practical assignments / exercises for course participants.
  • Weekly progress / status check involving all relevant parties and completion of a detailed status /ongoing tasks table.
  • Performing the quality assurance of the course, including checking the quality of translations.
  • If requested, actively participating in the closed Facebook group for participants.

  Time input requested: during December 2018 - April 2019.  


Selection Criteria:

  • At least three years of experience on developing and broadcasting stories, preferably for civil society organisations.
  • Previous experience in developing trainings and training others on relevant subjects.
  • At least one year of experience working for or with civil society organisations in the EaP region.
  • Experience in development/adaptation of e-learning courses for civil society is considered an advantage.
  • Being a published author (online publications / platforms included) would be considered an advantage.

CV submission deadline:
Project start:
Project duration:
5 months
EaP CSF Project director at
Required experts:
GDSI expects to be invited in January 2019 to participate in the country level strategic evaluations in the following countries: Rwanda, République Centrafricaine (FR), Mali (FR). GDSI invites experienced evaluators to express their interest to participate in strategic evaluation assignments by sending their CVs to 
CV submission deadline:
Project start:
Project duration:
12 months
Anna Lobanova at