Managing Director


Head of FWCs Department

Anna holds Degrees in Education and Accountancy, and is responsible for the management of GDSI Framework Contracts Department.

Regional Director for Southeast Europe

With a PhD in Politics from the University of York, Georgios is specialising in Public Administration Reform, Rule of Law and Justice Reform, Education Reform and Culture as well as in business development

Recruitment officer

Nazira holds Degree in Education and is responsible for the recruitment of experts for the company’s projects.

Senior Consultant

Tanja holds an MA in International Relations and European Studies (IRES) from Central European University, Budapest, Hungary. She has over 14 years of professional experience in managing, monitoring and evaluating donor programmes, projects and organizations with focus on Enlargement policy, EU pre-accession funds. Tanja’s expertise is in civil society development, good governance and public policy, organizational development, capacity building, and monitoring and evaluation.

Associate Consultant

Dr. Gulnara Davletyarova – holds Degrees in Economics and Business. Dr. Davletyarova is an expert in regional development, development of entrepreneurship, strategic planning and results-based budgeting.

GDSI Representative in Central Asia

Askar holds Master’s Degree in Economics and Public Administration and specialises in regional development, development of entrepreneurship, results-based budgeting as well as in development of territorial development strategies and action plans.