References by geographical area: References in Asia and Middle East

Project Title: Strengthening Social Protection Systems in ASEAN
Location: ASEAN
Value: €80 000
Client: EC ASEAN

This project aimed to support regional economic integration in ASEAN by facilitating access to relevant experience and EC-ASEAN dialogue. The objectives of the project included:

  1. Capacity building for ASEAN officials involved in establishing systems of social protection or social risk management that build upon local strengths and existing (formal and informal) mechanisms;

  2. Development of an integrated policy framework and institutional mechanisms to deal with the overall issue of social protection, with a view to facilitating movement of skilled workers in the region;

  3. Identify special needs of ASEAN's newer members and facilitate "mentoring" arrangement among ASEAN Member Countries.

Project Title:

An Action Plan on Commerce with Environmental Regulation in the Textile Industry

Value: €90,000
Client: EC

The global objective of this assignment was to retain or enhance as far as possible the market share of Bangladesh textile and clothing exports to the EU.


The specific objectives of this assignment was to remove concerns of European and Textile buyer regarding the social and environmental conditions under which the Bangladesh textile industry manufactures and export products.

Project Title: SME Development in Syria - How to be Competitive through Procurement
Location: SYRIA
Value: €44,000
Client: EC

The global objective of this assignment is upgrading business performance and raising Syrian companies' international competitiveness.


The specific objective of this assignment is to raise awareness of the importance of procurement to deliver sustainable total cost savings in companies through actively managing suppliers. Through skills and know-how transfer the participants will be enabled to apply professional procurement systems in their own operation

Project Title: Support to Yemen's Accession to the World Trade Organisation
Location: YEMEN
Value: €171,270
Client: EC

The global objective of the assignment was to assist the Ministry of Industry and trade in acceding to the World Trade Organisation and strengthening long term strategic thinking on trade policies and mainstreaming of trade policies in the Yemeni environment. The specific objective was two-fold: 

  1. To strengthen capacities within the Ministry of Industry and Trade in relation to long-term strategic thinking on trade policies and mainstreaming of trade policies.

  2. Support the Ministry of Industry and Trade in management of the Programme Estimate ti run various activities in relation to the Accession Process as per the identified priorities and requirements.

Project Title: Institutional Capacity Building for ASEAN Monitoring and Statistics
Location: ASEAN
Value: €112,718
Client: EC

The objective of this project was to contribute to the elaboration of the "Capacity Building of ASEAN Community Statistical System (ACSS) for an improved ASEAN Monitoring and Evaluation System" that aimed at strengthening the ASEAN Community Statistical System, together with the ASEAN monitoring and evaluation capacity.

Project Title: Mid-term Evaluation of ASEM Dialogue Facility
Location: ASEM
Value: €44,000
Client: EC

The main objective of the mission was to provide the European Commission and the beneficiary with useful information, analysis and recommendations concerning the programme "ASEM Dialogue Facility", which encourage policy dialogue among ASEM members by enabling the organisation of conferences and seminars, and by publishing studies and analyses.


The mission assessed the performance of the programme up to the period of September 2009 and analysed the achievements to that date, applying the criteria of relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability.

Project Title: Interim Technical Assistance to State Partnership Programme with Chhattisgarh
Location: INDIA
Value: €199,999
Client: EC

The global objective of the project was to support the Government of Chhattisgarh in further developing the capacity of government of Chhattisgarh in terms of Public Finance Management, Planning and developing Medium Term Expenditure Frameworks (MTEFs) based on the global SPP Action Plan. The tasks of this contract were as follows:

  1. Assist the GoCG specifically in developing further initial outline MTEFs in the concerned sectors;

  2. Assist in implementation of the annual SPP action plan and estimated budgets, presenting a comprehensive overview of the budget allocations from all sources for next tranche release;

  3. Assist the Directorate of Institutional Finance (DIF) to monitor satisfactory progress on agreed set of process and system indicators;

  4. Assist the Directorate of Institutional Finance (DIF) to coordinate among all concerned departments and support the preparation for the second tranche release.


Project Title: Europe China Research and Advice Network (ECRAN)
Location: CHINA and BRUSSELS
Value: €2,464,750
Client: EC

The Europe China Research and Advice Network (ECRAN) was designed to further enhance the capacity of European policymakers to monitor and assess current developments in China on the political, economic and social level and their impact on the EU and EU-China relations. It provided for the analysis and discussion of China and EU-China relations as well as the virtualisation of China and EU-China related research, including the dissemination of results. Project activities included:

  1. Analysis and discussion of China and EU-China relations
  2. Virtualisation of China and EU-China research and dissemination of results
  3. Ensuring the visibility of ECRAN
  4. Providing input to developing a sustainable strategy for ECRAN

Project Title:

Review of MEF Draft Strategy and Stage 2 Action Plan for the Public Finance Reform Programme in Cambodia

Location: CAMBODIA
Value: €60,000
Client: EC

The overall objective was to review MEF Draft Strategy and Stage 2 Action Plan for the Public Finance Management Reform Programme (PFMRP), to establish dialogue among involved parties and provide recommendations for improvement of the documents. Activities included:

  1. Review the proposed Strategy and Action Plan 

  2. Review the proposed prioritization and sequencing of activities for Platform 2

  3. Provision of recommendations on proposed organizational restructuring and staffing in National Treasury and Line Ministries' Finance Units, arising from changing roles and responsibilities

  4. Proposals for Capacity Building and Financial Management and Accounting skills development

  5. Implementation of the first phase of the FMIS. 

Project Title: Ex-Post Evaluation of the EU-ASEAN Statistical Capacity Building Programme (EASCAB), ASEAN
Location: ASEAN
Value: €104,536
Client: EC

The overall objective of the project was to conduct an independent, final evaluation of the EASCAB project with a view to provide an overall assessment for the achievements as compared with the Financing Agreement as well as draw wider lessons for future operations.

The specific objectives were to:
1. Assess the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impacts and sustainability of the EASCAB. The main emphasis of the assignment being effectiveness and sustainability.

Phase I – Inception Phase
• A desk review of the project literature. Submission of an inception report. Elaboration on the evaluation questions above. Identify indicators used for the assessment of each of the evaluation questions as well as indicate the methodology for how to measure these indicators.

Phase II – Field Work
• Carried out a field survey using the methodology to assess the selected components:
• Discuss with representatives if ASEAN secretariat and ASEAN member states. Assess the results achieved with the project, commitment level, impact on their capabilities and obtain indication if project sustainability.
• Undertake visits in ASEAN Member States to meet with participants in training activities.
• Gather information with regard to compliance of national systems to implement the regional statistical system
• Assess statistical outputs produced by the project.

Project Title: EU Support to Health and Nutrition Services to Afgan
Value: €28,815
Client: EC

Afghanistan still has the poorest health related indicators in the region. Due to several limitations, including geographical access, financial access and insecurity, a significant part of the population is not able to benefit from the BPHS. Moreover, Afghanistan is still experiencing high prevalence rates of communicable diseases, malnutrition, poor sanitation, mental disorders, drug addicts, disability and lack of proper prevention measures. Security, especially in remote areas, is one of the main concerns, as well as sustainability of the health services, with health service provision depending on external aid and the absence of financial allocation mechanisms. Shortage of qualified health workers, particularly females, and irrational distribution of health facilities are
additional challenges.

The overall objective of the Mission was the formulation of an EU programme aiming at supporting the health and nutrition services to the Afghan population. Particularly vulnerable groups include women and children, disabled and people with mental disorders as well as populations living in remote areas and under fragile security conditions. The role of the Ministry of Public Health is and will continue to be pivotal in the stewardship of sector and in donor coordination.

Project Title:

Formulation Mission: Public Finance Management and Oversight in Vietnam

Location: VIETNAM
Value: €75,584
Client: EC

The overall objective of this project was to contribute to the improvement of public financial management and oversight in Vietnam through support to the Government of Vietnam and the EU in the formulation and design of EU and/or joint-donor support projects under the 3 pillars outlined below:
1. Capacity Building for Effective Parliamentary Budgetary Oversight through assistance to the National Assembly and/or Provincial People's Committees
2. Capacity Building for improving the quality of External Audit through Assistance to the State Audit Office of Vietnam (SAV)
3. Capacity building for Sound Public Financial Management through support to the Ministry of Finance.

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