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Project Title:

Implementation of Priorities in the Area of Human Rights and Protection of National Minority Groups, Serbia

Location: SERBIA
Value: €1,186,200
Client: EC

The overall objective of this project was to support the implementation of human rights standards and minority protection in Serbia and to align them to EU standards. The project provided capacity building in a number of different areas to enable the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights (MHMR) to perform its overall co-ordination and co-operation function in the field of human and minority right protection and to respond to all obligations of international conventions and demands made by EU institutions.


This project revised developed the national mechanisms for the implementation of the decisions of UN treaty bodies, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) judgements and prevention, detection and monitoring cases of torture in compliance with the optional protocol to the Convention against torture. It also supported the development of a comprehensive monitoring system, as per the requirements of the UN and Council of Europe (CoE) bodies. In addition, support was provided for the institutional development of the existing 16 National Minority Councils by providing capacity building to existing staff and developing reporting procedures and tools.

Project Title: Support to Legal Drafting in Kosovo
Location: KOSOVO
Value: €190,000
Client: EC

The global objective of this assignment was to assist the Government of Kosovo, and more particularly the Office for Legal Support Services in the Office of the Prime Minister in coping with the legislative agenda that derives from the Kosovo Standards Implementation Plan. The specific objective of this project was to enhance the capacity in legal drafting through the provision of technical assistance to the government and line ministries to draft 4 pieces of legislation:

  1. Draft Law on Chemical Products

  2. Draft Law on Insurances in Kosovo

  3. Draft Law on Health Care in the state of Extraordinary Circumstances

  4. Draft Law on Agricultural Inspectorate

Project Title: Assistance to setting up an Efficient Legal Aid System in Romania
Location: ROMANIA
Value: €1,140,306
Client: EC PHARE

The overall objective of the contract was to improve the administration of and access to justice. The main activities implemented by the project were:

  1. Improving legal and institutional framework on legal aid.

  2. Preparation of the Feasibility study on the socio-economic, financial, institutional and statistic impact that can be brought by the adoption of new law provisions regarding the free legal aid.

  3. Improving the level of awareness among diverse categories of population.

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