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CIS and Mongolia

Project Title: Capacity Building in Social Policy Reform, Moldova
Location: MOLDOVA
Value: €2,100,000
Client: EC TACIS

The Capacity Building in Social Policy Reform project aimed to reduce the level of institutionalised children by introducing new models of social childcare, increasing awareness through a wider understanding and acceptance of the principles of new social work practice with the focus on children within the institutions and those who are at risk to be institutionalised.

Specific objectives of the project were:

  1. To support the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection in developing working models of alternative children care and decrease reliance on institutional care

  2. To support the government in setting up a sustainable structure for education and training of social workers and managers of social services.

  3. To involve local NGOs into more active social services delivery, including training and sub-contracting arrangements

  4. To increase public awareness and enhance initiatives communities to implement alternative forms of children care.

Project Title: Development of Integrated Social Services for Exposed Families and Children in Ukraine
Location: UKRAINE
Value: €1,600,000
Client: EC TACIS

The key aim of this project was to reduce the number of children being placed in boarding institutions and orphanages in the Kiev Oblast. This involved supporting the State Social Services for Youth in developing and implementing efficient integrated social services in order to provide effective support to exposed families and children. Activities included:

  1. Developing and implementing a basic package of social services for exposed families and children;

  2. Provision of assistance to the Ministry of Family and Youth Affairs and its State Services Centre to facilitate the implementation of the new forms of social services and social care;

  3. Increasing the capacity of the staff of the State Social Services Centre in implementing the new model of integrated social services by launching training programs and public awareness campaigns.

Project Title: Support to Regional Economic Development in Azerbaijan
Value: €3,402,750
Client: EC TACIS


The Overall objective of the project was to foster poverty reduction and promote a more balanced economic growth and regional and local development of the regions in Azerbaijan through the expansion of the non-oil sector and support to the implementation of the "State Programme on the Socio-Economic Development on the Regions of the Republic of Azerbaijan" (SPSEDR). Specific objectives included the following:

  1. Improve the institutional structure of the Regional development Secretariat and Regional offices of the Ministry of Economic Development Offices' and their capacity to implement Regional development programmes and promote regional economic development. This involved the assistance in training the regional authorities in formulation of development plans and their implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

  2. Prepare recommendations for enhancement of the legal framework, e.g. drafting legislation on better distribution of responsibilities between municipal and regional and national authorities, legal advice on WTO accession, policy advice on trade promotion and removal of barriers to trade and export.

  3. Assist the Secretariat and Regional MED offices in promoting Business Entrepreneurship and Agricultural initiatives development, through Business centres development, setting up funds for job creation and enterprise development and improvement of qualifications of local labour force.

  4. Assist AgrarCredit to improve banking standards increase its lending base and facilitate agriculture and rural development.

Project Title: Community Mobilization in Support of Local Initiatives Fund, Mongolia
Location: MONGOLIA
Value: $580,000
Client: The World Bank

The overall aim of this project was to mobilise communities with a view to increasing the efficacy of the Local Initiatives Fund. The specific aims of the project included:

  1. To build local capacity on community mobilization skills to increase their participation and leadership in implementing the Local Initiatives Fund sub-projects that aimed to improve local infrastructure and social services;

  2. To design an effective public awareness programme that supports best the community mobilisation strategy;

  3. To support development of a Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation system for the Sustainable Livelihood Program components and to facilitate its effective implementation at the local and community levels in order to improve transparency, inclusion and participation in the projects' implementation.

Project Title: Baseline Studies for the Social Sector Policy Support Programme in Kyrgyzstan
Value: €48,796
Client: EC DCI

The overall objective of this project was to provide support to the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic in the effective implementation of envisaged social protection policies.

The specific objective of this assignment was to provide support to the Ministry of Social Protection in meeting the reforms targets (disbursement conditions) set forth in the Technical and Administrative provisions of the Financial Agreement of the EU SPSP 2010 and specifically Condition 4 - Social assistance system improved, by conducting two surveys at national level to gather baseline data on the following components:

  1. Component I- Access to social services and Monthly Benefits for Poor Families with Children (MBFP)

  2. Component II- Access to social services and Monthly Social Benefits for Disable people (MSB)

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