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Project Title: The Regional Impact of CAP
Location: EU
Value: €600,000
Client: European Commission: Regional Policy DGXVI

An analysis was carried out on the costs and benefits of the CAP, the gainers and losers and, in particular, the sharing of benefits between regions. Case studies were carried out for each Member State (The Irish case was carried out by GDSI). It was concluded that many of the stated objectives of CAP were not only not being achieved but were in fact having quite the opposite effect. Changes in CAP were proposed and, in particular, that regional objectives could best be achieved by more integrated and multi-sectoral policies.

Project Title: Alternative Strategies for the Reform of the CAP
Location: EU
Value: €550,000
Client: The European Parliament

As the momentum gathered to radically alter the form and functioning of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), the Parliamentary Committee for Agriculture and Rural Development launched its own investigation into the impact of the various alternatives to the existing policy. An international team of experts was engaged to review the existing policy and to analyse the impact and consequences of various alternatives. These hypothetical alternatives were applied to a number of regional cases.  

Project Title: Sustainable Livelihoods Project, Mongolia
Location: MONGOLIA
Value: €50,000
Client: The World Bank

The Sustainable Livelihoods Project (SLP) was the first phase of the Sustainable Livelihoods Program which was intended to support the shift in Mongolia's national anti-poverty strategy to promote secure and sustainable livelihoods for all. The project was made up of three components:

1) Pastoral Risk Management (PRM)

2) Micro-finance Outreach (MFO)

3) Local Initiatives Fund


GDSI consultants provided advice to the PRM and MFO components of the projects through participation in supervision missions and the carrying out of targeted research.

Project Title:

"New Technology" in Telecommunications in Support of Rural Areas of Europe

Location: EU
Value: €550,000
Client: European Commission: Telecommunications Policy DGXIII

The main objective of th eproject was to conduct an examination of the obstacles to Rural Development in the European Union. The activities included:

  1. an exploration of the "New Technology" in telecommunications in support of Rural Development through their application by enterprises, agriculture and the various support services;

  2. a proposal for more effective adoption of "New Technology" into Rural Development in the European Community.

Project Title: Support to Azerbaijan Rural Investment Programme (Grant Scheme)
Value: $380,000
Client: The World Bank

The purpose of the assignment was to provide technical support to the Bank supervision team in the following activities: Grant scheme management, Community Mobilisation for sustainable development and participatory decision-making, supervision of proper project implementation according to Operational Manual, development of sophisticated MIS system, development of communication strategy, review of first results of the programme implementation.

Project Title: New Ireland Forum: Agricultural Policy
Location: IRELAND
Value: €1,070,000
Client: Department of the Taoiseach (Prime Minister)

An evaluation of Agricultural Policy in the North and South of Ireland with particular reference to the European Community Common Agricultural Policy, the limitations of two national agricultural policies on the Island of Ireland. Conflicts emerged due to the following: the primary focus on policy within the Irish Republic was on the producer whereas in the UK the primary focus was on the consumer- differing currencies in the two areas and fluctuating exchange rates had a negative impact on inter-area trade in agricultural products. The consultants provided proposals for the improvement of the Agricultural Policy.

Project Title: Local Development Plans
Location: IRELAND
Value: €1,300,000
Client: Local Government Authorities

Preparation of three "small area" Local Development Plans under the European Community LEADER programme for three Local Authorities: Galway, Mayo and Roscommon. This consisted of carrying out SWOT analyses and proposing policy initiatives to ameliorate the difficulties and to exploit local opportunities. All were granted funding under the first tranch of LEADER funding.

Project Title: Consultants to Irish INTERREG Monitoring and Review Committee
Location: IRELAND
Value: €1,450,000
Client: Irish INTERREG Monitoring and Review Committee

GDSI acted as independent advisors to the Irish INTERREG Monitoring and Review Committee. The consultants were engaged to assist in the preparation of Committee's inputs to national programming processes. In particular, the consultants advised the Committee on strategic priority issues at the end of the first INTERREG programming period.

Project Title: Smallholder Agriculture Development Programme
Value: €50,000
Client: The world Bank

The project's main objective was to provide support to smallholders in the oil palm sector on the following issues:

  1. Institutional arrangements for disbursement of World Bank funds to support smallholder replanting of oil palm blocks

  2. Long-term arrangements to ensure sustainable mechanisms of rural finance in oil palm regions

  3. Priorities and institutional arrangements for the delivery of micro-finance supports to alternative income-generating activities.

Project Title: Community Mobilization in Support of Local Initiatives Fund, Mongolia
Location: MONGOLIA
Value: $580,000
Client: The World Bank

The overall aim of this project was to mobilise communities with a view to increasing the efficacy of the Local Initiatives Fund. The specific aims of the project included:

  1. To build local capacity on community mobilization skills to increase their participation and leadership in implementing the Local Initiatives Fund sub-projects that aimed to improve local infrastructure and social services;

  2. To design an effective public awareness programme that supports best the community mobilisation strategy;

  3. To support development of a Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation system for the Sustainable Livelihood Program components and to facilitate its effective implementation at the local and community levels in order to improve transparency, inclusion and participation in the projects' implementation.

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