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Project Title: Provision of Project Management Consultancy and Technical Support Services, South Africa
Value: €306,200
Client: EC
Description: The overall objective of the project was to improve trade and investment links between South Africa and the EU, thereby fostering growth, employment and competitiveness of the region, and contributing to the well-being of the South African population.

The specific purpose was to better promote European interests in South Africa by enhancing market access and increasing competitiveness, visibility and influence for European companies in the country and the region.

The project aimed at achieving the following results:
1. Improved communication, advocacy and lobbying of European companies' needs to government and increased visibility of European Commercial presence.
2. Enhanced access to information by European enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), on business requirements in South Africa
3. Improved coordination between EU bilateral chambers of commerce, business associations and EU embassies.

Project Title: Intermittent Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Support to Yemen's Accession to the World Trade Organisation
Location: YEMEN
Value: €171,270
Client: Yemeni Ministry of Trade and Industry

The global objective of the assignment was to assist the Ministry of Industry and trade in acceding to the World Trade Organisation and strengthening long term strategic thinking on trade policies and mainstreaming of trade policies in the Yemeni environment. Yemen's trade is overall, regionally-focused, and therefore the consequences for future regional integration should be considered even in a multilateral negotiation with most members located outside the Gulf. Where possible the project approach was to shadow developments in the GCC/customs union.

Ministry of Industry and Trade received advice on issues related to WTO accession, trade integration in regional and global set-ups, and trade policy issues of relevance to Yemen. The STC would encourage the WTO-CCO to involve stakeholders from across the government, at all stages of WTO accession negotiations, so that ownership of the commitments and the opportunities would be felt by them. Finally, the STC would advise on immediate steps which should follow WTO-accession.

The specific objective was two-fold: -
1) To strengthen capacities within the Ministry of Industry and Trade in relation to long-term strategic thinking on trade policies and mainstreaming of trade policies.
2) Support the Ministry of Industry and Trade in management of the Programme Estimate ti run various activities in relation to the Accession Process as per the identified priorities and requirements.

Project Title: Training on WTO GATS Agreements in Egypt
Location: EGYPT
Value: €70,000
Client: EC

The overall objective of this project was to assist the Government of Egypt in meeting its international obligations under the GATS WTO Agreement and to improve its effective participation in the relevant WTO committee. The purposes of this contract were as follows:

  1. Enhancing the capacity of the WTO Central Department, of the Trade Agreements Sector, MTI to understand and monitor the implementation of the trade – related aspects of the General Agreement on Trade in Services agreement (GATS) under WTO

  2. Improving the capacity of the staff on using the transferred knowledge and analytical skills

Project Title: Trade Needs Assessment, Egypt
Location: EGYPT
Value: €65,000
Client: ENPI South

The overall objective of the mission was to promote deeper economic integration between Egypt and the EU in the area of international trade in goods and services. The mission specific objectives were to:

  1. Provide a factual assessment of ongoing trade related cooperation (EC-Egypt) and identify Egypt's trade and trade related assistance needs including in the area of industrial policy.

  2. Define a set of concrete proposals for technical assistance intervention (to be financed out of the NIP 2010 or thereafter) which takes into account the requests for Twinning already put forward by the MTI.

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